Harper's is a monthly magazine for well-educated, socially concerned readers who value ideas and good writing. Founded in June 1850, Harper's informs and entertains readers across a whole spectrum of political, literary, cultural and scientific affairs.

The challenge:

The existing promotion has been the control for 20 years. Despite its success, it had begun to look dated.

The marketing team wanted a new package that would appeal to both the older core audience and a younger audience of computer-literate readers. Sales copy about the just-launched Harper's website would be a critical part of the new promotion.

The strategy:

Through testing, the marketing team had learned what innovations worked and what didn't. We suggested a two-part strategy:

We developed a new vision of the contemporary Harper's reader to appeal to both demographic groups.

Instead of starting from scratch, we suggested re-imagining the working elements: keeping or re-interpreting the successful package features, but giving them a twist.

The keys to success:

  • Cost-effective concept
  • Lean dramatic copy that moves
  • Appeal to reader's ego
  • Clear emphasis on subscriber benefits
  • Direct, repeated asking for the order
  • Specific, vivid examples that support
    the copy's claims

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