Design that Sells Magazines

We've designed dozens of controls in long-copy, magalog formats. And we've scored just as big with shorter formats, too.

How do wewe do it?

We focus on understanding the prospects, understanding what makes them tick internally, matched a powerful message to their "internal conversation," then engineered a package to completely sell them on the benefits of joining the Associates program — VISUALLY.

If you're selling magazines, your greatest challenge is to cut through mail-box clutter and gain attention, then deliver a pitch perfect message to your prospect. As you can see from our subscription samples, our work will keep your next direct mail promotion out of the trash and turn the merely curious into paying customers.

The Nation package is a superb example of how we work as a team to create success. We listen closely to our clients, study what has worked for them in the past, understand their mail list, then focus on crafting "message to market" copy and graphic design.

So... if you think you've tried anything or you're at a loss for new ideas, give us a call for a fresh test from the professionals at Wm. Fridrich Design.

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COPY Lea Pierce / DESIGN Wm. Fridrich Direct