Wm. Fridrich,

Robert Hughes, referring to the DADA movement (and Marcel Duchamp in particular), said that “like his Bottle Rack, Bicycle Wheel, and other ‘readymades’... the world is so full of interesting objects that the artist need not add to them. Instead he could just pick one, and this ironic act of choice was equivalent to creation.”

The camera is the definitive instrument for making these ironic acts of choice. The function of this device – to record what already exists – is, in the DADA belief, equivalent to the act of creation.

Wm. Fridrich studied art, sculpture, and photography at UCLA, at various motorcycle magazines, and in the U.S. Army. He then launched a successful graphic design career starting at Standard Brands Paint Co. in the early1970’s.

Introduced to the Dada and Surrealist movements by his wife, art historian Marsha McKee, William became clinically obsessed with Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Joseph Cornell: he has yet to recover.

Mr. Fridrich was born the year Babe Ruth died, in Santa Monica, California, on the coast just west of Los Angeles. He now resides on the opposite coast, in Wilmington, North Carolina.







Twenty Men
with Airplanes


Eight Lighthouses

Six Stereo Photographs
of Boca Grande, Florida

Wilmington, NC Poster

4 Doors, Princeton, NJ

Wilmington, NC from the Air


NC Panoramas

Emerald Isle, NC

Four Artists' Studios (360º),
Wilmington, NC


Fourteen Automobiles

Eleven Confederate Flags

Eleven V8 Badges

Adventures in Typography

3D Anaglyphs of
Five Derailleurs

Funk Buildings

Fifteen Cocktail Signs