Image Design/Corporate Identity


Image Design for retail automobile sales.
The design scheme was developed with close client (Steve Jacobs, Hendrick Motorsport) and agency, (Marcie Kershenbaum, The Media Dept.) input and collaboration. Below are examples of how the resulting logo was implemented by the designers in different media and how the designers interfaced with multiple vendors.

Introducing a most exciting automobile dealership.
Jeff Gordon Luxury. Where one-of-a-kind vehicles are offered with nameplates like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and Jaguar...just to name a few. Gorgeous, late model, top of the line cars, trucks and SUV’s. A fabulous selection of vehicles that is simply, put into one word, luxurious. We invite you to come take a drive and experience service that is second to none other.
Experience the luxury.


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