Experience that works

26 years of experience has taught us that a marketing piece can’t just sit on a desk and look pretty.
It has to work. It has to communicate. It has to sell. If you need to enhance your company image, make your phone ring, introduce a new product or service, or just get more revenue through the door, we can help. Our assignment begins with understanding your objectives, and proceeds with the development of marketing materials that do the job both well and efficiently.

Our particular strengths range from direct mail marketing to corporate image development and logo design, to brochures, packaging, and print advertising, to web site copy and design. Our associates comprise a close-knit team of designers, writers, photographers and illustrators, with extensive experience in all facets of marketing. In addition to being Creative Director, Wm. Fridrich has 35 years of experience as a commercial photographer and an extensive portfolio of personal work.

We’re more cost effective than a large agency and know just as much — even more about direct mail. Write, fax, or email us. Geography is no restriction. We serve clients across the nation. But if you’re in Wilmington, North Carolina (Hollywood Southeast), call or stop by, our door is always open.

Wm. Fridrich Design
1916 Princess Street
Wilmington, NC 28405

William Fridrich
William Fridrich

Creative Director
Marsha McKee
Marsha McKee

Chief Designer
Stephanie Gesler Sands
Stephanie Gesler

IT Administrator